I designed & taught a middle school camp in game design.
  • 2014
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  • SAIC
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I designed and taught a middle school game design camp with Kayla Lewis at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC). See the course website for more details and live versions of student projects.

Students explored the potential of games by creating three different types of games with three different technologies: platformer games using Stencyl game maker; hand-drawn, point-and-click exploration games in HTML & CSS; and interactive text games in JavaScript.

While all the games were digital, the process for making them was a hybrid of both non-digital (“offline”) and digital (“online”) techniques, including: sketching, storyboarding, writing, diagramming, simulating, scanning, digital drawing and programming.

Because presenting work and receiving feedback is integral to any artistic practice, students regularly presented their work — both finished versions and works-in-progress — to the rest of the class. On the last day, we held an exhibition for family and friends which showcased both the process and final works.