I was curriculum director & lead instructor at a non-profit code school.
  • 2015 - 2016
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  • Chicago
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  • CodeAbode
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CodeAbode was a non-profit code school that was dedicated to making learning web development accessible and affordable for everyone.

I designed the web development curriculum, taught 480 course hours across intensive day bootcamps & night classes, and recieved an average instructor evaluation of 4.88 / 5 across my courses.


I designed the web development curriculum to teach beginners — with no programming background — the skills needed for both front-end and back-end development. The seqeunce of courses was:

  • Modern Web Design with HTML/CSS
  • Introduction to Web Programming (JavaScript)
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Server-Side Programming (Node.js)
  • Capstone Projects

A breakdown of the individual courses is hosted online here.

Teaching Philosophy

My classes were focused on teaching students how to problem solve and how to teach themselves, through hands-on demonstrations and assignments that guided students through the fundamental concepts. The goal was not to memorize a specific syntax, but rather to learn how to think and problem solve with code.

Example assignments and exercises below. Note: not all of these exercises are mobile-friendly.

Intro to JS Lab - Mix-n-Match Hipster Event Handling
Intro to JS Lab - Glowing Canvas Drawing
Intro to JS Lab - Canvas Music Visualizer
Advanced JS Lab - Visual Weather App
Advanced JS Lab - Object-Oriented Text Particles
Advanced JS Lab - Movie Tracker App Using Local Storage
Server-Side JS Lab - Real-Time, Multi-User Drawing App
Server-Side JS Lab - Pirate Translation API and App